Goldsmack is the psychedelic power pop trio of Gold-scented, Gold junkies, created to bring dischord and entropy into the world of pop music with a sound that is soft and electric, quirky and genuine, super serious and absolutely whimsical. To define Goldsmack, just imagine that Love, Bruce Haack and Nico teamed up to compose a song for a Disney classic. And now, sit down, relax, surrender and enjoy the sound of Goldsmack for the Star is about to rise, leap and howl…

Next gigs
10th of May @Floripa // London
11th of May @AlleyCat // London

About Goldsmack (UK press)
The BeatJuice: “ A Wild Wild Seasonis an intriguing introduction to Tebaldi’s Nick Cave-alike vocals, there are touches of Bruce Haak’s out there cosmic pop sounds and the boy/girl singing is pure Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra “

ei8thball : “This is Sand, this is Summer Wine, this is quite definately Some Velvet Morning, This is something else.”

Fearandloathingfanzine : “With roots in both pop, rock and psychedelia, they have a solid foundation on which to build, and it really wouldn’t surprise me to find them quite successful over the next few year.”

Dancing About Architecture :  “This creates a musical Trojan Horse, a pop record that will pick up mainstream support but who’s shimmering hues belie the dangers within and moving it out from under it’s underground influences to an overground location”

Music & Riots Magazine: “ There’s a new band in town and psychedelic power pop is what they do. Dave Tebaldi, Georgia Minelli and Luca Bagatti are childhood friends who started a band that we know know as Goldsmack in the single most beautiful and boring place on earth; that is the small village, situated in the gentle hills of northern Italy.”